No.299,Jincheng East Road,Xinwu District,Wuxi City,Jiangsu Province,China

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Weekend: 10AM - 5PM


Apply to Agricultural machinery types: Tractors、Combines、Planters、Sprayers、etc
Apply to Manufacturers:AGCO、Agrale、Al-Ghazi Tractors、Arbos、Carraro Agritalia、Case IH、Challenger Tractors、Claas、CNH Industrial、Deutz-Fahr、Fendt、John Deere、Kubota、Lamborghini Trattori、Massey Ferguson、New Holland Agriculture、Yanmar、etc



P115690 PA2408 AF1681 PA8458 LAF1872 42559
P119539 PA2487 AF1892 CA1532SY LAF1784 42519
P123160 PA2489 AF1966 CA2557SY LAF1793 42769
P134353 PA2577 AF1862M CA5021 LAF1834 46544
P136254 PA1926 AF1659 CA534A LAF8550 42917
P158854 PA2352 AF1677 PA2585 LAF7482 42560
P181052 PA1667FN AF437K CAK253 LAF222 42222
P181054 PA3989FN AF409K CAK258 LAF1246 42126
P181064 PA1902FN AF434K CAK546 LAF8668 42919
P181070 PA2688 AF1934M CA6324 LAF1813 46722
P181163 PA2666 AF4736 CA7703 LAF1163 42917
P182062 LL2360FN AF1606KM CAK1532 LAF8572 42518
P522449 –NA– AF4743K CAK7322 LAF1907 46389
P527484 RS2863 AF4878 CA7139 LAF1878 46433
P527680 RS3501 AF25215 CA7139SY LAF3585 46429
P532410 RS3549 AF25308 CA9246 LAF8143 46489
P532931 PA2610 AF26473 –NA– LAF22106 46468
P532966 RS3517 AF25667 CA8193 LAF4498 46744
P533235 RS3530 AF25033M CA7466 LAF1953 46745
P533930 RS3548 AF25354 CA8466 LAF3930 46664
P535396 RS3930 AF25967 –NA– LAF22056 42845
P606120 CA4703 AF26156 –NA– –NA– 42794
P606121 PA4704 AF26155 –NA– –NA– 42795
P611440 PA4644 AF4736 CA7703 LAF1163 42917
P814723 PA3785FN AF4758KM CAK7493 LAF8818 46368
P821575 RS3704 AF25551 CA9550 LAF8195 46438
P821575 RS3704 AF25551 CA9550 LAF8195 46438
P822686 RS3715 AF25538 CA9248 LAF8388 46449
P822768 RS3988 AF25436 CA9246 LAF8143 46489
P822769 RS3703 AF25497 –NA– LAF8114 46490
P822858 RS3705 AF25552 CA9550SY LAF8690 42985
P827653 RS3542 AF25555 –NA– LAF7653 46671
P828889 RS3544 AF25352 CA8737 LAF4544 46562
P829332 –NA– AF25556 –NA– LAF9332 46672
P829333 RS3545 AF25558 CA8737SY LAF4545 46569
P552071 –NA– WF2071 401423 –NA– PR3908
P554071 BW5071 WF2051 PR3304 LFW4071 24071
P554073 BW5073 WF2053 PR3414 LFW4073 24073
P554074 –NA– WF4013 PR7308 LFW4074 24074
P554685 B5134 WF2077 PR9616 LFW4685 24070
P502134 PF937 FF5260 C7516 L3541F 33262
P502161 PF717 FF5103 X1432 L549F 33507
P502166 PF981 FF5259 C7517 L4103F 33263
P550012 BF840 FF149 G12 G516 33002
P550090 BF836 FF5006 G15 P90 33003
P550440 BF788 FF5052 P4102A LFF3521 33358
P550446 BF7519 FF5077 C7518 L3524F 33269
P550588 BF587D FF5135 P1145A –NA– 33472
P550974 BF1173 FF5079 –NA– L3523F 33270
P551000 BF1249 FS1000 PS8048 LFF1000 33406
P551026 Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple
P551130 BF909 FF203 P1130 P1130 33370
P551329 BF1280 FS1280 P3401 LFF3417 33357
P551422 Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple
P551423 Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple
P551424 Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple
P551434 –NA– Multiple –NA– Multiple Multiple
P552253 BF978 FF192 P1125 LFP252F 33240
P553004 BF988 FF42000 P4102A FP586F 33358
P555627 BF979 FF5020 P1118 FP251F 33341
P556245 BF825 FF167 C1191A L296F 33166MP
P556745 BF959 FF5045 P3815 LFF1129 33371
P558000 BF1212 FS1212 PS3712 LFF8000 3405MP
P559803 BF912 FS1205 PS3607 LFF1131 33369
P164375 BT8840MPG HF6552 P6881 LFH4959 51455
P164378 BT8851MPG HF6553 P6893 LFH4990 51494
P164381 BT8841MPG HF6564 P6882 LFH4428 51456
P164384 BT8850MPG HF6555 P6871 LFH4910 51495
P165659 BT8874MPG HF6547 P7084 LFH5659 51731
P165877 BT8309MPG HF6781 P7253 LFH5015 51740
P169078 BT8416 HF35006 P7537 LFH8329 51586
P170949 BT8870MPG HF6684 P8463 LFH8417 51729
P170950 BT8852MPG –NA– P8459 –NA– 51819
P173207 PT8388 HF7921 –NA– LFH8498 51541
P177047 BT8851MPG –NA– P7539 –NA– 57247
P550128 PT565 HF6000 C4844 LP214 51668
P550388 BT38710 HF6710 PH3567 LFP449 51759
P555603 PT87S HF6079 CH331PL P346 51147
P575039 –NA– HF35340 –NA– –NA– D07C10GV
P502015 B33 LF3614 PH4967 PH2840 51394
P502016 B1405 LF3874 PH2964 –NA– 59226
P502067 B1400 LF3925 PH6607 PH2876 51365
P550020 BT259 FS19250 PH20 FP20 51243
P550047 B43S LF780 TG3387A PH47 51040
P550162 B179 LF3403 PH3593A PH2808 51334
P550335 BT223 LF3335 PH3614 PH2835 51348
P550400 B243 LF3339 PH3600 PH400 51516
P550719 BT536 LF3532 PH2995 LFP5853 51206
P550758 B7306 LF16173 –NA– LFP8340 57076
P550777 B7577 LF777 P3555PL LFP777 51749
P550779 B7322 LF16243 PH10220 LFP4836 57750
P550938 P7233 LF16043 –NA– LP5979 51370
P550939 B163 LF3311 –NA– PH253 51307
P551352 B7125 LF3703 PH8476 LFP5757 57243
P552518 B233 LF689 PH43 PH16 51068
P553000 BD103 LF3000 HPH6349A LFP3000 51748
P553634 BT287 LF680 PH47 PH725 51758
P554403 BT216 LF701 PH2821A PH4403 51806
P557780 B114 LF3314 PH3569 PH2815 51452
P558329 BT486 LF3567 PH3773 PH720 51824
P558462 PT86HD LF570 CH337PL LP1461 51149
P558616 BT427 LF3345 PH3900 LFP3900 51602