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Transmission & Power Steering Filtration Solutions

Our full line of hydraulic transmission and power steering solutions, help protect critical components from wear and maintain peak operating erformance.



Transmission Filter Kits
P560971 Allison Transmission 29540494 PT8405, PT8405MPG, PT8405MPGKIT, PT9415MPGKIT HF28943 LH4582G 57740, 57740XE
P560972 Allison Transmission 29540493 PT8406MPG, PT9416MPGKIT, PT9516MPGKIT HF28936, HF28944, HF35153 LH4588G, LH4591G 57741, 57741XE
Transmission Cartridges
P575039 John Deere AL118321 na HF35340 na D07C10GV
P574196 John Deere AN207368 na HF35198 na W01AG412
P576064 John Deere AT335492 na na na 57624
P573354 Caterpillar Equipment PT9429MPG HF35515 na WL10009
P165239 Caterpillar Equipment PT8496MPG, PT9418 HF35101, HF6342 LP560HE 51197XE, 57597,
P166135 Allison Transmission PT320, PT320MPG HF30114, HF7118F, HF7518, HF7520, HF8318, HF8320 LFH4262, LH4262 51698, 551698
P166136 Allison Transmission PT319, PT319MPG HF30317, HF7119, HF7119F, HF7519, HF8319 LH4263 51693
P166254 Allison Transmission PT317, PT317MPG HF30159, HF7072F, HF7472, HF7473, HF8273, HF8277 LH4260 51692, 551692
P166255 Allison Transmission H8079, H9082, PT318, PT318MPG HF30295, HF7074F, HF7474, HF8074, HF8274 LH4261 51695, 551695
P166376 Allison Transmission 557498 na HF6271, HF6373 na na
P170737 Allison Transmission 23040988, Pall HC8200FDN8H PT8330MPG HF28458, HF28758, HF6389 LH5018 557407, 57407
P550951 Allison Transmission PF951 PT385, PT385E HF6088, HF6118, HF6225 LP151 51426
Power Steering Filters
P573482 Ford 4C4Z-3C602-AA, F8HZ-3C602-AA; Freightliner T1808D, VMLT1808D; International 2503221-C1 BT9388 HF35476 LFH4984 57191
P550830 International 1698964-C92; Nelson 87904M PT9354-MPG 3937557S LH4101 57557
P550637 White 3105264 P528 LF637 LP5005 51637
P574197 Mack 5839870678A na na na na
Duramax®   Hydraulic Spin-ons
P165659 Case N9086, Donaldson HMK05, Donaldson HMK25 BT8313, BT8874MPG HF6587 LFH5659 51731, 551730, 731
P177047 John Deere T175002, BT5581MPG, BT8851MPG 51817
P170949 Case IH 1971728C1, Magnum Ag Tractors BT742, BT8870MPG HF6590, HF6684 LFH8417, LFP8250 51729, 551729, 729,
P164378 John Deere AH128449, 90 Series Combines BT734, BT749, BT8852MPG 51819
P164381 Case X724693, Donaldson HMK04 BT745, BT746, BT8841MPG, BT8844, BT8845 HF6554, HF6564, HF6566 LFH4428, LFH4961 51448, 51450,
P164375 Clark 6630977, Donaldson HMK04 BT748, BT8840MPG HF6517, HF6552, HF6560 LFH4959 51455
P165569 Caterpillar, Clark, IHC, Hyster, Donaldson HMK05/25 BT8340MPG, BT8876MPG HF6586 LFH5013 51730
P171298 Kawasaki Wheel Loader 65 & 115 BT8326MPG HF28992 57095
P173521 John Deere RE38965 BT8300, BT8871MPG, BT8910MPG HF28994 LFH8398 51719, 551719
P165705 Champion 37104, Clark 965899, Donaldson HMK05/25 BT8311, BT8873 HF6589 LFH1832, LFH1922 51733, 551733
P165675 Donaldson HMK05/25 BT8878MPG HF6588 LFH8705 557084, 57084
Hydraulic Spin-ons
P165877 Pall HC7500SUT4H, Zinga SE-25, Donaldson HMK05 BT8309MPG HF6183, HF6725, HF6728, HF6732, HF6753, HF6781 LFH5015, PF2178 51740
P165879 Pall HC7500SUK4H, Donaldson HMK05 BT287 HF6700 LFH8399 51759
P169078 John Deere AM102723 BT8416 HF35006 LFH8329 51586, 551586
P550542 Hitachi 4252563 BT9382 HF7533, HF7553 LFH5939 57963
P566920 Allison Transmission 23042062, 29510922 BT8316MPG HF6603 LFP8316G 57401
P574731 Dana Transmission 247050, Clark 247050 BT8830 HF6420 LFH8799 51474
P174675 Dana Transmission 420252590, Clark 4202525 BT8426MPG HF28996 LFH22034 57129